When NO means NOT YET.

Learn the power of an AUDACIOUS MINDSET.

When NO means NOT YET.

Learn the power of an AUDACIOUS MINDSET.

What Might Happen if You Recalibrated Your Relationship with Fear?

When you identify what is stopping you from making the moves to get where you want to be, life becomes audacious.

There is a more productive and happier life on the other side of people’s fears, and I can help your audience get there.

Learn how to make friends with fear and use it as a guide taking you closer to your goals.

Discover what has been holding you back. 

Dismantle the excuses that stand between you and where you want to go.

When your audience identifies what has been stopping them from making the moves to get where they want to go, you end up with happier, more productive, and engaged people.

“Anne Marie is both a proven leader and storyteller. Her empathy and humor allow her to connect with the audience immediately. She is a delight!”

Charita Johnson, Vice President, Peloton Interactive 

Keynote Speaker. Author. Broadcaster.

Anne Marie Anderson is a keynote speaker, author, and three-time Emmy award winning sports broadcaster.

As a speaker, Anne Marie travels domestically and internationally (as well as virtually), challenging audiences to rethink their approach to rejection, leadership, and growth.

Drawing upon her experiences in the locker rooms and boardrooms of some of the most successful franchises in sport, Anne Marie relates how her work covering six Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, Golf’s Majors, Heavyweight Title fights, and NBA and MLB playoffs can be adapted to help your audience experience success at an elite performance level.

Her book, Cultivating Audacity – How To Dismantle Doubt and Take Bold Risks is being released January of 2025.

“Anne Marie is an inspiring and insightful speaker. Invite her to your next event, you won’t be disappointed!

Evan Jennings, Amazon BIE

Anne Marie is a Highly Sought-After Keynote Speaker and Emcee

Delivering keynotes that are alternately funny and touching, she seeks to connect with the audience through the power of storytelling.

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“I was so inspired by Anne Marie’s word to live audaciously that I sought her out and shared my fears of taking on a new role in my current organization. On the spot, she was in my corner, encouraging me to take and leap and speak with my boss about the future. That was just six weeks ago and I’m starting in the position I desired next week. Being audacious has given me the life I craved and I am forever grateful.”

Brenda Barth, Attendee at the New Hampshire Women in Leadership Conference

“Anne Marie’s speech was amazing and exactly what we were looking for and needed to hear! She has a gift, so, Anne Marie, please keep sharing that with others!”

Tonya Moe, Iowa Athletic Director

“Anne Marie is engaging and charismatic. She immersed herself in our conference to help customize her presentation. Her message was inspiring, captivating and energized our attendees to take on any task.”

Mark Koski, Chief Marketing Officer, NFHS

“I have done quite a few events like this and the results we received from the survey we sent the attendees are as high or higher than I’ve ever seen in the past. Clearly Anne Marie’s preparation and dedication to the craft is paying off!”

Mike McRaith, Associate Executive Director at Vermont Principals’ Association

“Thank you for sharing your journey to making bold decisions and taking risks along the way to achieve what mattered most to you.”

Jeremy Behling, Chief Operating Officer at Embark Behavioral Health

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