Helping corporate and educational professionals build an audacious mindset by challenging the reasonable to create exceptional results.

Featured Keynotes and Workshops

Building an Audacious Mindset

Imagine if the word “no” filled you with excitement and possibility.  If “no” meant “not yet” and “next”.  In Building an Audacious Mindset Anne Marie Anderson challenges audiences to forget everything they learned about what should happen and create a professional life built on what could happen if we didn’t accept NO.  In this rousing, engaging and laughter filled keynote supported by stories of her own experiences climbing the sports broadcasting ladder, Anderson equips the listener with three keys to building a truly audacious mindset that detonates the presumption of what’s possible.   

“Anne Marie is engaging and charismatic. She immersed herself in our conference to help customize her presentation. Her message was inspiring, captivating and energized our attendees to take on any task.”

Mark Koski, Chief Marketing Officer, NFHS

The Shape-Shifting Leader: How to Weave Individuality into a Powerful Group Culture

The days of a one-size-fits all approach to team building are gone.  A Forbes Insights study of more than 300 executives of Fortune 500 companies found the #1 key to their success was embracing diversity as a key driver of innovation.   How can you not only respect individuality but harness it to create an ideal group culture?  This fun and fast paced keynote draws upon decades of working with and studying the leadership styles of high-performance coaches such as Phil Jackson, Becky Hammon and Pete Carroll turning their unique styles into concrete tools you can implement immediately as you build a rockstar group culture.

Anne Marie is a true pro and sure knows how to engage an audience! Our outdoor event was met with an unexpected thunderstorm, and she managed it all in stride and with a great attitude. Anne Marie is professional, energetic and so very approachable. She is such an expert that we have hired her for our next event!

Robin Gorder, Director of Communications, OPARC

Your Next Best Move: Knowing how and when to make a professional shift

Ideal for commencement addresses and educational audiences, Your Next Best Move is crafted to construct a mindset of vitality.  Studies show that only 20% of professionals expressed feeling passionate about the work they do.   This high-spirited  and inspirational call to action clarifies the four specific questions young professionals must ask themselves as they create a joyful and vigorous career.  The listener leave this keynote with an creative checklist of discovery that will lead them to find the sweet spot at the intersection profession and passion.

Anne Marie Anderson is a FORCE. She is a dynamic speaker who knows how to grab and hold an audience. Her Next Best Move keynote is alternately fun, inspiring and filled with action items that makes the listener ditch the excuses and level up professionally.

Tom Westcott, CEO, Progenysis


Ever watch sports on television and think “I want to do that?”  You can! In this detailed virtual workshop, I share the secrets from my thirty-four years in broadcasting to help you cut the line and learn in three sessions what takes others years to discover.  I open the vault and teach you exactly how to prepare for a game, the questions to ask of coaches and even when you should –and shouldn’t– talk during a broadcast. Each student receives multi-sport templates to build their game boards that I created and still use today.   I developed this workshop after years of people asking, “How did you get to do THAT for a living?”

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the top 2 mistakes a game analyst most often makes and how to avoid them.
  2. Discover the four must haves as you prepare your game board for any sport.
  3. Take away three actionable items to do RIGHT NOW to get your foot in the door.

When I retired from professional basketball and wanted to be a television analyst, I was so nervous! Anne Marie Anderson gave me specific guidelines as to how to prepare so I felt confident going in with a professional game board. She taught me how to stop myself mid-game from being repetitive and entertain and inform the viewer. I don’t know where I would be without Anne Marie’s guidance, but I wouldn’t be on TV!

Rushia Brown, Television Analyst, WNBA and College Basketball